Awareness Ribbon Colors


Throughout our environment, toxicity attaches itself to us through many disguises: drugs, alcohols, diseases, people, and even battlefields. These elements of toxic relationships are often represented by an awareness ribbon.

Interesting, huh? There’s an array of ribbons in circulation that symbolize and share colors with certain causes, many of which deal with toxicity. This list will aid in recognizing some of them.

Black: victims of 9/11, melanoma, gang prevention

Black and light blue: loss of a brother, loss of a male child, mourning a brother or son

Black and pink: loss of sister, loss of female child, mourning a sister or daughter

Burgundy: cesarean section, headaches/migraines, hospice care, multiple myeloma

Cream: paralysis, spinal diseases

Dark blue: child abuse prevention, victim rights, hurricane support, free speech

Flag: victims and heroes of 9/11, patriotism and support the troops, fireworks safety

Gray: asthma, brain cancer/brain tumors, diabetes, borderline personality disorder

Green: bipolar, cerebral palsy, depression, kidney/ovarian cancer, missing children, mental health

Indigo: bullying, harassment, stalking

Jigsaw puzzle: autism, child-to-child care and development

Lace: osteoporosis

Lime green: lymphoma

Navy blue and orange: Batten disease

Orange: leukemia, lupus, Agent Orange exposure, humane treatment of animals

Pale yellow: spina bifida

Pearl, white, or clear: lung cancer/lung disease, multiple sclerosis

Pink: breast cancer, birth parents, childhood cancer

Purple: Alzheimer’s, drug overdose, pancreatic cancer, cystic fibrosis, children with disabilities

Rainbow: gay pride and support, domestic abuse

Red: heart and stroke, HIV/AIDS (World AIDS Day), burn victim, substance abuse

Red, white, and blue: victims at Millard South High School (in Nebraska)

Silver: elder abuse, Parkinson’s disease, children with physical or learning disabilities, stalking

Teal: ovarian, cervical, and uterine cancers, anti-bullying, post-traumatic stress disorder

Turquoise: addiction recovery, congenital diaphragmatic hernia

Violet: Hodgkin lymphoma

White: gay teen suicide, peace, right to life, Pope John Paul II—“Rest in Peace”

Yellow, black, and red: post-traumatic stress disorder, traumatic brain injury

Yellow: suicide prevention, bone cancer, amber alert, liver cancer, support the troops

Zebra print: rare disease

Food for thought: Remember, we’re all born to bear gifts. It’s how we distribute our gifts that make an impact.