The RONE Awards Ends Tonight for Week 3

WEEK 3: April 29th – May 5th


This is the LAST DAY to vote = in The RONE Awards. Cast your ballots for my audiobook, “Not a Blueprint It’s the Shoe Prints . . .” You MUST log in before voting. To create an account click this link:
While there it will ask for a username and password; then hit submit. (Afterwards, YOU MUST VERIFY THAT LINK FROM THE EMAIL ADDRESS USED TO SET UP REGISTRATION)

a) That process should take you to the voting link =
b) Look to find = Audiobooks – General – 2019 (4 finalists)
c) Scroll down locate = Not a Blueprint, It’s the Shoe Prints That Matters – Nina Norstrom/Sara Morsey / that is number 7 button
d) Scroll to the Vote button & to submit

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