“Mirror, Mirror, on the Wall . . . Where Does My Self-Love Fall?”

It’s an easy read with fun activities

Are you watching and waiting for, Mirror, Mirror, on the Wall . . . Where Does My Self-Love Fall? Well, this activity guide releases on October 1, 2018, by WriteLife Publishing an umbrella under Boutique of Quality Books Publishing Company. You can pre-order at Amazon and Barnes & Noble.
Excerpt (In the raw):

What Ya Got For Me?
presented by
Nina Norstrom

. . . The guide has a dual purpose: developing self-love and creating awareness of toxic relationships. To direct you toward those purposes, the guide is equipped with information and activities that require daily thought and participation. You’ll discover there is a lot to absorb and focus on. Consider taking frequent breaks to get recharged and energized for the coming of a new you! All chapters contain information as well as activities that help you apply what you’ve learned. Don’t dismiss or shy away from the information sections. Knowledge is power, especially when that knowledge gives you the freedom to engage and empower yourself. The guide’s information is part of a discovery for finding self-love and exposing the ugliness of toxicity. Embrace it, remember it, and practice it! Internalizing the information and participating in the activities outlined will maximize your success.

There aren’t right or wrong answers for this guide. What’s important is the opportunity to flush out your thoughts, realize the makeup of your relationship(s), discover toxicity with its many faces in your life, decide how you will react to the toxicity, and embrace the pure self-love you deserve. Once you’ve acknowledged the truth about “self,” there should be no turning back. With these goals in mind, there was no need to insert an answer key for any of the working activities. The “master key” lies within you.
Unlocking the answers you seek will depend on how you respond to the information and activities in this guide and how well you handle the self-realization that will accompany those responses. Dig deep and examine the layers of self that reside within your being. Absorbing the information will help you discover and respond to the toxicity that exists within your circle.
Before diving in, think about this question:
How much do you love yourself?. . .
. . . A few activities call for colored pencils or crayons. For the writing exercises, don’t focus on grammar, spelling, punctuation, or sentence structure. Just put it down and get it out. It’s more important to let go of the stress that weighs you down.

. . . Take a deep breath and then exhale. Let’s do that again—inhale and exhale. The fun begins . . .
Ready, set, go!

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