Pssst! Out and About

Hello, Everyone:

Well, I’m on the road again . . .

This time I’m preparing for my upcoming event in Washington. Okay, that’s not DC . . . it’s Tacoma! Still, you may not be able to attend this one. But, wanted to let you know the great news!

I’ve been asked to come speak and present my storybook in front of a congregation of men and women. This amazing event will take place at the Greater Christ Temple Church, on Sunday, October 15, 2017.

Truly, I appreciate this opportunity and looking forward to sharing the details about our journey. Our Heavenly Father has been so good to me . . . opening many doors. If you know someone in the area where this event takes place, don’t hesitate to share the news.

Enjoy the week and stay safe out there!

2 comments on “Pssst! Out and About

  1. Best of luck to you on your speaking journey.
    Yes, you truly are blessed, and so will many other people be when you share your story. You are such an inspiration.
    Blessings. So proud to be your friend.

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