Our World is on Fire!!!!

1_fullsize_ninanorstorm_3dcover_notablueprint-2Yes, that’s the cover page and title of my book. But have you realized we’re living inside the topic, every day?

Surely, you’ve seen how our world is so contaminated (infected) with #toxic interactions. Seemingly, each awakening day, we’re on the battlefield fighting a war. Where there’s good against evil, fathers against sons, mothers against daughters, drugs against diseases, nations against nations, and the list goes on and on.

Life is just so full of relationships. And #unhealthy ones at best! So, there’s no better way to say it than “Our world is on fire!” But isn’t that how our last days are to be . . . first the flood and then the fire?

Think it about! I’m trying my best to get it right this time around. Are you?

Self-love can mean so much . . . BTW, there will be a workbook activity guide coming soon!


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