If you’ve not read the book yet, meet some of the characters from this story, “Not a Blueprint It’s the Shoe Prints that Matter.”  While their roles play out, they’ll unfold as . . .


Part One of Two



Nina Norstrom – A central character; a parent and a caregiver.  The nickname was Preacher.  Born the second of six children, and molded by parents who held ole’ school values.  Although having an imbued sense of right or wrong, there is a relationship with a married man and a child is conceived out of wedlock.

China – She is another central character.  Lovable and happy-go-lucky child and with her winsomely smile.  As a solitary person, a thinker and not a talker; spoke in a soft tone.  In her reserved nature a gifted child.  Even with an artistic background and ingenious trait, she longed to be accepted by her father and peers.   And despite peer pressure, she maintained a virgin of innocence.

Craig – Literally speaking, he’s a real character; brother to Julia and Netti; the Baby Daddy of China; and he fathered two of Renna’s three children.  Craig an ex-military soldier and operates with a smooth pick-up line for women . . . a sneaky, caddish, a cheater, and a chronic liar who lacks trust.  As a married man, he takes on a mistress.  Showing his true colors, he even steps out on the mistress.  When Craig fathers his child out of wedlock, he doesn’t man up to take ownership or responsibility.  He lacks integrity; and has no morals or boundaries while committing his adulterous affairs.  In the story, he’s suited as an antagonist.

Bobby – The second son of six children.  He adores listening to music with his wide collection of 45s and LPs.  In his teenage years, he left home to join the military; and received two Good Conduct medals.  In his adulthood stage, he’s a highly respected, ordained minister, inspired author, inventor, and poet-composer.

Dana – The first of six siblings.  In her adult years, kept the family bonded, she married Luke.  Through their union, she bore four children; and a knack for spoiling them all.  As a property owner, Dana purchased hub homes and rented them out.  Eventually, it is her property where the central characters came to live.

Esther Lee – Mother/maternal grandmother to the central characters and the wife of Johnny Sr.

Conceived six children from their union, and a southern-styled woman who maintained strong Christian standards, and ole’ school values.  Her religious faith was Pentecostal. She worked for Pennsylvania Railroad as a Coach Cleaner and was she’s well-known for spreading the gospel.

Frank – The companion to cousin Kitty and was the cousin  to Steven.  He’s had a relationship with Kitty for the past two years.  Franks showed his affection by lavishing her with gifts.

Johnny, Jr. – Johnny, Jr., first son of six children; and third child born.  A striking resemblance to his dad, but considered a lost soul.  In a spiritual sense, he literally lost his way.  Later through life, he was medically diagnosed with schizophrenia disease.

Johnny, Sr. – Father/maternal grandfather to the central characters.  He’s an abuser; cheater; and womanizer.  He’s a WWII ex-military person.  He spoke in a deep harsh tone.  Has a musical, religious background, and comes from a big family tree. A stunned disciplinarian, with ole’ school principles.  He worked for Pennsylvania Railroad as a Pipefitter.

Julia – On the dad’s  side, Julia is the favorite aunt who baby China adores. A strong, ambitious, and hard-working individual – as an Amputee.  Even with her physical challenges, Julia successfully masters whatever task sought.  She’s gifted with an inventive mind.  Her compassion and creativity shines as she takes on many entrepreneurs.

Kitty – Cousin to the central characters.  She’s a kind, dedicated, thoughtful, and caring person.  She orchestrated a love connection for the central character.

Larry – Husband to Dana; a brother-in-law; and a caregiver.  He fathers five children with Dana; and believed in spoiling them all.  He is a straightforward person and a decent husband.  As the caregiver for Dana; his devotion is what makes him a loving individual.  A talker through and through and will go non-stop.

Little Barbie – Oldest daughter of Craig and Renna, the half-sister to baby China.  She’s a sweet and fun-loving child.  Little Barbie is the sibling that’s sought out for a bone marrow transplant.

Lolita – Wife of Luke; mother to Shannon; and cousin to central characters. It is her apartment that the central characters will stay at temporarily.

Luke – Husband of Lolita; father to Shannon. A quiet and thoughtful individual, at heart.

Lyndia –The third daughter of six children, and fourth born.  A moody, evil person; and spoiled rotten to the core.  As the baby girl in the family, she always wants her way; and pouts if doesn’t get it.  A needy person and likes to cling to her mother’s apron strings.

Mark – The father of Melvin and Melinda and a cousin to central characters.  Employed baby China to watch over his children.  He has strong patriotic values.  In his teen years, he leaves home to join the military and makes it a career.

Marcus Whiting – First male companion of the central character.  He’s a talented entertainer of an R&B group.  He has mood swings; as a Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde; and a believer of witchcraft.  Marcus is a wicked, mean, and frightening person; his other side gentle and affectionate.  And after the breakup, he retaliates by stalking.

Melinda – The daughter of Mark and his second child.  Baby China watched over her for a summer.

Melvin – The son of Mark and his first child. Baby China watches over him for a summer.

Mike Crawford – Second male companion of the central character.  The husband/step-father to the central characters.  Mike is shifty-eyed, materialistic, and dangerous. His sordid side is unveiled after the discovery of the dairy.  Has a voracious appetite ─ wanting to take everything from the marriage.

Netti – – Has a close relationship with the central character.  They grew up in the same neighbor; attended the same school from grade through high school.  Netti is an extremely humorous person and was most popular at her school.

Ora Bea – The mother of Craig and a paternal grandmother.  Ora Bea a widower; birthed six children; with her last three births fathered by a different man.  Her ethnic background is of Indian descent; and an obsessively controlling parent.  She’s no one you’d want to piss-off, albeit she’s hell on wheels.  She had very little love or tolerance for the central characters.  Ora Bea lacked apathy and a can be defined as a hard-core person.

Renna – Craig’s wife; and a mother of three.  Renna is a thin and paled-skinned person, with flaming red hair.  Renna exposed to her husband’s adulterous affairs.

Randal – One of Craig’s siblings. He’s a tall, dark, and handsome male, with plenty charisma.  Although not much of a talker, he does have a kind heart.  Randal’s thoughtfulness for baby China showed him as a man about family values.  Overall, he’s a down to earth guy.

Sara – She’s third child born to Dana.  She and baby China are of the same age bracket.  They loved being around each other as cousins.   When playing, she got the best of baby China and brought her medical condition to the forefront.

Shannon – She’s Lolita’s daughter.  She’s an only child; five years old, mischievous, and spoiled.  She has Lolita wrapped around her fingers; consistently blames her mischievous actions on her baby cousin.

Tommy – The third son of six children and last child born.  As a teenager, he left home to join the military.

*To Be Continued*



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