Speak to me . . . Toxic Emotions

With all the toxic interactions occurring within the past month and days, I thought it best to do a repost of this blog.  Before you read it, please close your eyes and silently “wish for peace in our nation.”  After opening your eyes, take a deep breath to inhale and embrace that wish.

Now, you may read on . . .

One may ask, “What do toxic emotions look like?”  Firstly, allow me to define it:  “It’s a negative term that will cut completely through the body, mentally and physically . . . totally swallowing one up.”  Those emotions will eat and eat away at you, till the human becomes stressed and emotionally drained of energy . . . downing one’s self-motivation.  In a nutshell, it’s a poisonous feeling that erupts within the human body.

Here are just a few of those toxins when they surface:  depression, hatred, rage, stress, anger, grief, guilt, greed, heartache, pain, worry, anxiety, negativity, denial, resentment, and jealousy.  Really, there are way too many of them; so many that one can continue to add to this list.  Take a pause for a moment! Stop and think about some other toxic emotions before reading on.

We all have these built-in toxic emotions. No one is exempt!  It’s just that some of us find ways to suppress them. And others don’t give a darn hoot about releasing it.  These emotions become fueled like an explosion and massive atomic bomb.  They will ignite with the flip of a switch inside one’s internal being.  When this happens, watch out!  Their interactions become a dynamite weapon, and it’s a “killer” of a weapon.

Surely, no one is baggage “free.”  That’s understandable since we all have some form of baggage.  Yet, it’s not short stopping of the emotional baggage. There is no designated place where these toxins may hide or explode.  One can find them erupting from  . . .

  • Ruined relationships (marriages  or any type of breakup)
  • Wartime relationships
  • Workplace relationships
  • Painful memories from childhood relationships
  • Loss of loved ones’ relationships
  • Rejection or betrayal relationships
  • Traumatic experiences relationships (mental, physical, or sexual)
  • Hardship relationships
  • Failure relationships
  • Guilt relationships

Change in our thinking process is essential in controlling these toxins.   Feelings of built up toxins can be harmful and take a toll on one’s mind and body.  To the degree, it can cause great damage to the rest of one’s organs and its natural processes. One may not forget all the unhealthy actions that were endured.  But one can learn to forgive.  Forgiveness is the prescription that fights or ward off toxic emotions.  Yes, it can be the hardest thing to do. And can take a heavy mindset.  But it is achievable.  Through my emotional journey, I’ve conquered the task and I know you can too.


I hope this bit of information will help you through your journey.  And should you know of others that may benefit from this message, kindly spread and share?

Sharing is caring!  If you have any Toxic Emotions (not mentioned) you’d like posted, just drop me a line.


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