Appreciation . . .


Even though I sat down and scripted my message inside a journal (eventually written into a storybook), I owe much of this great accomplishment to my Publisher ( Yep, the message is all about my personalized struggles, challenges faced, and journeys conquered. But it was their doing, their efforts that displayed those words professionally . . . editing, copyediting, designing, printing and all that other stuff. Perhaps, it was all that which drew attention for considering placing this story on the book shelves, of this brick and mortar store (Barnes & Noble).

Life is a journey, not a destination! And I embrace this having experienced that journey. The hardships we faced and the challenges. . . as we pushed through to reach our journey. It’s about discovering the lessons along the way. Life is about so much stuff (the good, the bad, and the ugly). We can’t make that ride or take the walk through life without LEARNING.

Remember, each day is a learning experience. Embrace it, and enjoy the riding lesson.

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