An Interview About the Book Journey

Why is the topic so important?

What we do in our everyday experiences brings about important life lessons. We’re living inside the topic each day we inhale anew breathe.

In these days and times, we are living in a toxic environment. Just think about it: every day we wake up we’re on the battlefield fighting a war. And just feeling where there’s: good against evil; sons against fathers; daughters against mothers; nations against nations; drugs against diseases; and the list goes on and on.

Why did you write the story?

I kept this journal for years and it became my best friend. Journaling, the one thing I had to release the pain. There was this rawness and excruciating pain. For years, I struggled with rage, anger, depression, and guilt. Through it all, I felt suffocated by the toxicants. I used my pen and paper to escape that toxic world. Writing became a way to expressively break through the pain barriers and release all toxicity. It became a ‘physical wound healing relationship.’ That’s how the fruit of the story was borne.

How is the book organized and why did you choose to do it this way?

As the story opens, readers will be introduced to the author’s family . . . from parents to siblings. And step into a bit of their growing up years, those tender years. From behind those pages, readers will then walk alongside her shoe prints thorough time.
The story is told from a “remove-of-time” narration. There are two separate character/narrative voices being spoken. Readers will hear the voice of Nina “Today” and the voices from the Nina “Then.”

I wanted the story to most be effective, as told. And that way, readers could readily follow the story being in the moment, with insight and feelings.

What’s the book about?

Memoir: A real life adventurous story. A personal journey unfolds where readers will travel through a trail of toxic relationships. Readers will be introduced to various coping mechanisms; with insight to recognize toxic versus non-toxic relationships.
It’s the story how one family gets entangled in a world of toxicity relationships, and in flash evolves into a traumatic one. Ultimately, its journey brings anew.

What’s the content?

Memoir: The story is about one family’s heroic fight and bravery gained when striking back to wipe out the toxicity of deadly relationships, and when walking one does not travel alone. The message reveals the importance that life brings many challenges, with each there are lessons learned. Ultimately, it

Why should readers care?

Memoir: The story is about one family’s heroic fight and bravery gained when striking back to wipe out the toxicity of deadly relationships, and when walking one is not alone. The message reveals the importance that life brings many challenges, with each there are lessons learned. The story speaks to generality of life. One can’t avoid encountering relationships, period. With those relationships, one can learn to recognize where it’s a toxic or non-toxic one. Readers will find its story speaks to the beauty of love, compassion, courage, determination, and strength

How would you give it a bit of polish?

So you want just a tad bit, huh? Well, okay . . .

Memoir: This story has readers following the author (Nina Norstrom ) through her journey . . . as she peels off those toxic relationships. The story takes them through experiences of grief, pain, trauma, and forgiveness. As the shoe prints are molded in and out of a variety of unhealthy relationships, she leaves behind a blazing trail of lessons. Ultimately, those lessons expose the meaning of relationships that are built on honesty and compassion.

Readers will be educated and enlightened on healthy relationships. While knowing the valuable tools for comfort, strength, and courage, they’ll discover there is no journey too stormy to weather. Regardless of the toxic relationship, God reveals that HE gives us strong shoes to walk through the heavy, rough patches!

What can you hope to gain from the audience reading the story?

The story speaks about life in general . . . it’s raw and it’s opened. I tried to be as honest possible. When thinking about relationships, there’s no way to avoid engaging in contact with them.

Relationships are a vital part of our daily living and come in all forms. Whether those relationships are toxic or nontoxic, it’s what life throws at us. Everyone can relate to the story: male to female; young teens to adults and seniors. I can only hope readers gain insight from lessons learned along their journey.—Journey-Relationships/dp/1939371473/ref=sr_1_fkmr0_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1450760805&sr=8-1-fkmr0&keywords=nina+norstromC+author%2

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  1. Hi Nina…
    So Very nice to have met you and be introduced you your book. I look
    forward to your book signing and for sure want to attend. Thank You for writing your
    story and sharing it with the world! Enjoyed our Volunteering Gig!
    Blessings , Peace, and Joy!
    Love and Light, Christine

    1. Christine,

      So glad you stopped by the site. Hope you found the pleasure in the reading and was able to enjoy the soft music. It’s always a pleasure working with you as well.
      I’m pleased to hear you are interesting in attending the book signing. I will keep you posted. It is hoped you will find the book a valuable tool upon reading its message.
      I’m looking forward to your return! Again, thanks for stopping by . . .

    2. Interesting! I didn’t know any of that at all. I love these posts you do. I’m learning so much and the way you present everything doe&ns#8217;t make me feel badly for being a wine philistine

      1. Thanks for stopping by and glad you’ve enjoyed the postings. Hope you had a chance to listen to the soft music while visiting my site. Please don’t hesitate to share this site with others!
        Did you sign up to receive the posting? If not, please do. Come back soon!

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