Players of Book Journey

Turning that #manuscript into a book is never an easy task. There’s much work that goes into the ‪#‎transformation‬, with lots of players.

Publisher / Editing / Designing / Copyediting / Printing / Distributing / Selling / Marketing & Promoting

Editing: problem fixer / polishing the manuscript

Designing: gives book a professional look/ designs for ease of reading

Copyediting: becomes an eagle eye / checks for spelling, grammar and punctuation

Printer: overseer / paper source / production process

Distributing: getting book from publisher to market

Selling: sales people / pushing the book

Marketing & Promoting: making public aware / reviews, ads,
social medium, radio/TV, creating promo items/ authors’ tours

Okay, maybe I didn’t get it all down pack. But you got the picture!

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