The Book Editing Process

Well, readers here’s more insight on when I started pulling the story together . . .

Of course, when my publisher took me on their team, there were areas I needed to tighten up on relating to my #manuscript. It started out like this:

I was introduced to my #Editor back in October 2013 (on the 29th day). No lie, I needed a professional touch with the editing part. So our introductions and conversations began . . .

Nina, meet Alex; Alex, meet Nina! It’s time to begin editing Nina’s book “Not a Blueprint.”
Alex has some great ideas for this book. Here are some things that I’d like you to make sure you address (in addition to anything else you two find necessary, of course!)

1. Development of Nina’s character: there are some places, especially in the early chapters that would benefit from more details, more background, to flush out Nina’s character and motivations.

2. Tense and point-of-view: Be sure that “remove-of-time” narration is consistent and that tense shifts do not happen.

3. Of course the technical, line-by-line edit of punctuation, spelling, grammar, etc.

4. Also, within the manuscript itself, we need to use italics, bold, and other formatting for emphasis judiciously ─ overuse can clutter the manuscript and lose the intended effect ─ be sure to use these effects only when absolutely necessary.

So away Alex and I went to kick off the process!

More to come . . .

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