How I Started The Story

Before sharing bits and pieces of the story, you’ll need to know why I started writing.

By now, you should have read the first part of why I started journaling (provided in my earlier blog). So here’s another reason why I journaled:

As I began writing, I kept this journal for years. It became my BFF. It was the one thing I had to release the pain. Besides the counseling, there was nothing more rewarding and comforting than writing about the events and the pain. As I wrote, it felts as if I was the “patient? and my writing was the “therapist.”
Inside the writing, there I was doing all the speaking without any interruption. I could say what I wanted to say; how I wanted to say it; and didn’t give a darn how it came out.

The writing played a major role . . . eating away at the toxicity (rawness and pain). It became another heavy prescription to offset the meds. I’d discovered writing was the best tool one can use in dealing with grief and toxic abuse. Yes, abuse is extremely toxic and can just transform a human into becoming another being.

Stay tuned more coming . . .

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