Workplace Hostility

Finding #toxicity in the workplace can be a common factor. When picking a place to work, we look for an environment that is a strong “healthy one.” Inside this healthy place, we hope managers and employees act as a team to promote healthy practices; and protect the safety and well-being of one another. While there we should be able to do a job without discord; peacefully end our day; and on a pay week receive a salary for having performed that task. This should not be expecting too much. All too often, it is not the case.

In reality, that once healthy workplace becomes ineffective; and holds its place in the structure as a toxic battlefield. And if it wasn’t for toxic employees, the environment wouldn’t be filtered with toxins. Those toxic employees lack ethics and professionalism, with regards to others. Seemingly, it appears they strongly believe in stirring up chaos; while keeping up drama. The toxic person can fall in the realm of manager or subordinate.

When can one recognize that the #workplace is toxic/hostile? Well, here are a few instances to consider, but not limited to:

• Look for warning signs
─ with the ineffectiveness of communication (i.e., poor)
─ the lack of communication
─ hoarding information

• The drama within the workplace

• Bosses / Leaders struggling for corporate power

• Office is constantly in a ruckus/chaos

• Office morale diminishes (i.e., low/poor)

• Abusiveness of supervisor(s)

• Bullying in workplace

• Health suffers (mentally, physically, or emotionally)

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