‘Em Toxic Parents . . .

Whether the relationship is with mother-daughter or father-son, a toxic parent is a whole topic in itself. So many stories can unfold on the surface of these types of parents. #God doesn’t ask much of us; but HE does trust that we’ll do the right thing. HE has expected us to nurture our children with unconditional love, teach, guide, and safe-guard them. So they too may sustain their own well-being in life. This foundation would be the rock that cements our children’s growth socially and economically. Yet, there are those parents who have failed in the process.

God is the “real” Father of our children that we are parenting. But in that relationship, some may fail to realize, the children are ONLY on loan to us. And there are those parents whose actions have become emotionally, physically, and spiritually abusive to HIS children. When this type of poison seeps out from parents (one or both) their destructive and toxic behavior can be crippling, to the parent-child relationship.

So what does that toxic parent look like? Well, the list can go on and on. But here’s a brief snapshot:
• Parent who verbally abuses using damaging words (e.g., I wish you were never born, you’ll never amount to anything, you’re totally worthless, etc.)
• Parent who pushes one child against another
• Parent who sexually abuses (i.e., openly /secretly robbing their child of innocence)
• Parent who NEVER has anything good to say (about child or anybody)
• Parent who constantly tries to manipulate and/or destroy relationships
• Parent who is self-absorbed or destructive
• Parent who is resentful and spiteful in every situation
• Parent who stays severely depress (child becomes caregiver of parent)
• Parent who is addicted to another addiction (e.g., drugs, alcohol, gambling, etc.)
• Parent who acts or performs like a vampire trying to suck the life out of you, endlessly
• Parent who is judgmental and critical of everything
• Parent who beats or starves you constantly

The damages occurring from interaction of the toxic parent is extremely harmful. That #toxicity can be worst than “slashes from a whip,” . . . leaving deep embedded scaring (lasting a lifetime). So when toxicity is involved, where does it leave the relationship? You may have other thoughts on this. And of course, there are antidotes to consider.

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