Toxicity . . . at Its Finest

Yes indeedy, I had to re-title this subject matter. Early-on its original title (“The Journey of Relationships”) was just eating and gnawing at me . . . unsettling as a fit for this message. The toxicity of it all was gobbling me up so tough I had to give it a “fresh” title. So there you have it ─ “Toxicity, at Its Finest,” . . .

Whether you’re finding yourself in the fold of those: healthy versus unhealthy; toxic versus nontoxic; or good versus bad engagements, their all in the realm of relationships. #Relationship . . . what is it all about?

A relationship in its simplest form is engaging in a one-on-one connection. However, it’s defined having a relationship brings about an interaction.

Healthy versus unhealthy; toxic versus nontoxic; or good versus bad, no matter how you label there’s a tag to relationships. There are all styles and forms of relationships, and they play a vital role in our everyday survival. Stop and think about it, relationships come in all disguises! If you’d sat down and thought it out, there are many ways we can form relationships. I’m sure the list can be endless. Just to explore a few, included but not limited to:
• Father ─ son relationship
• mother ─ daughter relationship
• husband─ wife relationship
• married man ─ mistress relationship
• wife ─ mother-in-law relationship
• husband ─ father-in-law relationship
• boss ─ worker relationship

There’s more on . . .
Healthy versus unhealthy; toxic versus nontoxic; or good versus bad, no matter how you label there’s a tag to that direct “relationship” animal. Yep, it can act as a “real” animal on occasions. There’s the form of co-dependency relationships. When there is an emotional and behavioral condition, it’s that learned behavior that comes to light. Just to identify a few of these relationships, included but not limited:
• the addiction to drugs relationship
• the addiction to alcohol relationship
• the addiction to work relationship
• the addiction to food relationship
• the addiction to gambling relationship
• the addiction to smoking relationship
• the unmanaged addiction relationship
• the existence of mental, physical, and sexual abuse relationships
• the sufferance of physical or mental illnesses (PTSD/anxiety/mood disorders)
• the sufferance from diseases (heart/bone/diabetes/multiple sclerosis/Parkinson’s)
• the warfare of the battlefield relationship

And still there’s more to examine . . .
Healthy versus unhealthy; #toxic versus nontoxic; or good versus bad, no matter how you label there’s a tag to the “emotional” relationship side. When those feelings erupt, one may experience all kinds of emotions, actions, or expressions in the sense of relationships. That list can be endless when identified. Just to name a few, but not limited to:
• a grief relationship
• a loss of loved one relationship
• a loss of animal (pet) relationship
• or coping with the loss of loved one/pet relationships
• a loss after divorce relationship
• a loss of work relationship
• a loss of a breakup relationship
• a loss of health relationship
• the loss of friend/partner/classmate relationships
• the rage/anger relationships
• the chronic/explosive anger relationships

In spite of all these common forms and styles of relationships, there are relationships that are a known fact. As we live and breathe . . .
We have a relationship with LIFE.
We have a relationship with our Maker. Or whatever name you elect to classify HIM.
But to me, HE is my Father (God).

There’s one thing I’ve learned from HIM: We each have our own journey to walk, regardless, of the relationship we encounter in our daily lives. No doubt, it will be our shoe prints that will determine our destiny (toxic or nontoxic).

Perhaps, you will package all this in your box of thoughts. Certainly, I’ve given you plenty to ponder over.

For me, it’s given an edge in writing the book: “Not a Blueprint: It’s the Shoe Prints That Matter; A Journey Through Toxic Relationships.”

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