The Cancer Season

Originally posted on BQB

We’ve got cancer in the family. Several forms of it in several different states. My neighbor has it in her home as well. I hate it and I’m angry. It is everywhere. Why? Unfortunately there are no answers. And that is probably the most frustrating thing of all.


But regardless of how wearisome and worrisome cancer is, we cannot give up hope. It is a long battle against a tireless devil, but the good guys are getting better at winning. With research, new techniques and new medications, advances in diagnostics and treatments are happening at a rapid pace.

I’m always encouraged by success stories of cancer knocked into remission. It feels good to be part of the winning team and know that there will be many more game days, many more sunrises and memories made together. The story of Trey Rood is inspiring as he was a young athlete with… [Click here to read rest]

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