It’s About…

It is necessary the readers know . . . I won’t reveal the actual title my book as yet, not until we get closer to publication. For now, I’ll say: there is a strong message behind its title. I feel the title fits the story oh so well. So when the story does unfold, just remember, it’s nonfiction and a real life adventurous story. For a positive aspect of life, portions of the proceeds will go to fund the fight against toxic relationships. Moreover, this story will bring to light the many disguised forms of relationships. And shockingly, they are seldom viewed in the realm of relationship elements. Handed in a nutshell, its story unfolds to take readers on an emotionally high ride while traveling through a trail of toxicity. Throughout their experiences, the shoe prints will lead to: birth, sickness, death, sorrow, joy, and pain! Inside their journey, readers will be equipped with various coping mechanisms used to recognize the scope of relationships from the toxicity side to #non-toxicity. Overall, this roller coaster ride weaves lies with love, betrayal with deception and drama with murder.
Coming Spring 2016 . . . Watch out now!

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