Sister’s Shadow

I wanted to walk in my #sister’s shadow

That I stepped inside her footprints

I wanted to walk inside her shadow so deeply

That I changed my name to be just like hers

I even wanted her life and all it offered

I wanted it so badly that I married a #toxic husband just like hers

I mirrored the ground she walked on

I mirrored even her smile and all the gusto of life she had

I wanted to be just like her so greatly that I gave up my frown

And filled my life with joy

You see, sister had a big heart

Her heart was bigger than light itself even in all God’s glory

The rays from its shadow were illuminating

It shined so brightly everything she touched GLISTENED and GLOWED

She gave away lots of her energy even to those she never knew . . . inside her circle

I buried my energy and shied away from those who tried to befriend me . . . outside my circle

Among those many things my sister stood for, I must stop fooling myself

I could never, ever walk inside HER shadow

‘Cause not everyone can have a shadow as big as sister’s

If I continue to live right and pray each day

Perhaps then, God will give me a shadow that’s a replica of just who I AM

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