A New Beginning / ‘Tis My Life . . . . My Journey

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Life is not just a normal destination think of it as your personalized journey.
It’s about life experiences. About the hardships we face, the struggles we endure, the challenges we overcome, and the journeys we must all take. Life is about discovering the beauty of living. You see, life is so full of stuff: the good, the bad, and the ugly. An everyday life experience brings on new lessons. Hold on and enjoy your walk through the journey.

Nina Norstrom, Author
“Not a Blueprint It’s the Shoe Prints that Matter”
A Journey Through Toxic Relationships

As writers, we each have varied approaches to why we sit down and write. When thought out there are a variety of reasons. It’s a career for some and perhaps a hobby for others. Then some may write to ease their emotional pain, as they sort out their life challenges. Some even have stories to share or tell. While others just write for the passion of it all.

Writing can be useful to reflect on our experiences and learn from them. So really, why does one tend to write? For me, it was about my journey and my life. Better yet, “It was simply how I found that new beginning.”

As I sit here composing this article (to post on my website), listening to that instrumental soft soothing music in the background is so refreshing and rewarding. Now, I think about from whence I came in a more positive direction, leaving behind the negativity from it all.

Of course, there’s a story behind my writing . . . my journey. Be assured it isn’t nice. Still I must realize it all began somewhere, at and a place in time that brought me to a particular writing point.

I didn’t write because I thought I was a writer or author. My writing was all about therapy journaling. And through that journaling process, it was about trying to make some sense of those dysfunctional everyday relationships (i.e. emotions, people, and work environments, etc.) and defining where I was in life. I knew my life of living with toxicity was manifested in a whirlwind of toxicants. The years of living a life of toxicity felt as though I was caged or incarcerated. Blinded by the darkness of those toxicants it became difficult to see the beauty of daylight. And yes, there is beauty in the art of living.

I must confess I have a beautiful life, now. A life I never thought I’d live. It hadn’t always been that way. Just like any other person, I had my own personal hardships, struggles, and challenges.

For over twenty-five years, my life of living with tainted and damaging relationships weighted heavily through the journey. When I think about the topic of my storybook, I think about the importance of it. It’s all crystal clear:

An everyday experience brings about important life lessons. We’re living inside the topic each day we inhale a new breath. In these days and times, we are living in a toxic environment.
Have you thought about those everyday challenges? Seemingly, when we wake, we’re on the battlefield fighting a war. And just feeling its impact where there’s: good against evil; sons against fathers; daughters against mothers; nations against nations; drugs against diseases; and the list goes on and on.

Walking that path through the journey, it has become readily easy to avoid toxic relationships. ‘Cause with drama come toxicity. So I tend to steer away from drama scenes, and the negativity they bring. Having been through the drama scene, I now live a drama-free lifestyle. Most importantly, I’ve regained my faith and belief in our Maker which helps tremendously.

Through it all, writing therapy became a huge part of my journey. It was how I’ve found that new beginning. And discovered its beauty of living!

Hopefully, you’re taken an opportunity to read my literary work. If you’ve read my storybook(s), I thank you and appreciate your support. If not, please do so. As you follow those shoeprints through the read, I’m confident you’ll find it’s a vessel of information.