It’s Happening Again

With the year-end vastly approaching, we’ll be able to say “Goodbye 2017.” But, before it goes out with a bang, I’ve been asked by the staff at #Conyers-Rockdale Public Library to conduct a “Toxic Relationship Program.” And I’ve graciously accepted the offer to speak on its topic. Hopefully, I’ll have help from our audience as […]

Give The Gift Of Life

Throughout our environment, toxicity attaches itself to us through many disguises: drugs, alcohols, diseases, people, and even battlefields. These elements of toxic relationships are often represented by an awareness ribbon. Interesting, huh? There’s an array of ribbons in circulation that symbolize and share colors with certain causes, many of which deal with toxicity. This list […]

The Doug Dahlgren Show . . . Radio Interview

I had my interview today. Truly, what is a #toxic relationship? One’s connected interaction that is detrimental to another’s well-being. So when you encounter that is the case, shout out to them, “Stay away from me toxicity . . . you’re contagious.” ************* This Friday, March 31st is a program you do not want to […]