Need Some Funding . . . Pitching Time

Everyone, get ready – be prepared – it’s here. Coming June 23rd . . . Look at what’s happening around town. ‘Tis a One-Day Pitching Speaker Session. Don’t miss this opportunity. Wow, it’s better than Shark Tank! Share this news inside your circle. Your host: Aquarius Williams / Click here for more: #QualifiedInvestors #SharkTank […]

Announcement of My New Guide

“Mirror, Mirror, on the Wall . . . Where Does My Self-Love Fall?” (ISBN #, 978-1608081950) is an activity guide by Nina Norstrom. This release is available for pre-order purchases at online retailers. Visit the websites at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, and IBooks. Total pages 75 (Copyright 2018) Pre-order paperback price = $7.15 Kindle […]

Don’t Be Fool!

Yes, it’s true today is April Fool’s Day. . . . But, it’s no joke that Our Heavenly Father sent his son (Jesus Christ) to die on the cross, as a blessing to wash away our sins. So don’t be blind sighted by Satan’s foolishness! Show Our Creator how much you appreciate all those heavenly […]