Update RONE Awards

RE: Update on RONE Award Voting

Greeting All,

I’m sending love with gratitude of thanks to each who voted and those who attempted – but had difficulty in doing so. Your support and effort don’t go unnoticed. The good news is the voting has ended for every category and round involved. The great news is my book made it to the next level and received the Rone Award Finalist badge.

Regardless of the future outcome, one can only imagine how delighted I was to read this message from its sponsors . . .

“CONGRATULATIONS!!! Your book is a finalist in the 2019 RONE Awards and has moved on to the final judging round. It will now be read and rated by a panel of professional judges whose combined scores will determine the winner of the “Best Indie or Small Published book of 2018”.

Well, everyone, you can know I am deliciously excited about it all! Yes, I said “deliciously” that how tastefully good this has become.

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