True, Short Story

Once upon a time, several years ago, I started dipping and dabbing in toxicity. Every day I’d taken a piece of it home with me. I played with it so long toxicity became my best friend (so I thought)! There were many-a-times; I wouldn’t even fall asleep (having so much fun). I just loved the way we were doing all kinds of insane, wild, and crazy things. Really, I hadn’t paid attention to that blob (growing and growing alongside me).

Wasn’t till one night when I closed my eyes and woke up as another person . . . discovering it (toxicity) had invaded my body. Being heavily controlled that blob had become an image of me . . . having snatched my mind, heart, and facial features. So, that friendship I thought we had no longer existed. It then gained its title “Invasion of the Body Snatchers,” an enemy I’d come to fear.

While those “snatchers,” were busy trying to find others to conform, I finally made my escape. Know, it wasn’t easy, but I made it! So many of those others, I’d hung with didn’t. It took years and years of rehabbing to recover. I’ve been cleaned and sober now for the last nine years.

Beware this could happen to you or someone you know! I only wish someone had given me a warning sign before the invasion attack. Take heed and stay alert!

#Real #Active #Alive #Invasionofbodysnatchers

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