Toxic in the Raw

You’ve asked the question so wonder no more.

What is meant by a toxic relationship: 1) A connected interaction that is detrimental to one’s life existence; 2) anything that is poison enough to cause sickness and death. That’s pretty deep, huh? Well, here’s the tip . . .

‘Tis 2019 time to take in a deep breathe, then exhale, now step away from the poison (far away). And don’t waste any more precious energy on those toxic people. (No need to name them you know who they are.) Be glad you’ve cut them loose when you did. That poison could have killed you!

#RRBC #Poisonpeople #Stayclearofthepoison

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    1. Stephanie:
      It was a pleasure to hear from you. Glad I could be of service. Thanks for stopping by and look forward to your return!

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