What a Tragedy!

Sadly to say, the Chicago shootings, lives were taken senselessly. People, wake up and recognize toxicity when it crawls in your circle. See the “Red Flags” do not, do not ignore. This is serious . . . we must take heed! The life you save may be your own! Read more about Red Flags in Chapter 6.


Toxic relationships occur in society when two or more people interact in a way that is detrimental to their lives. But toxicity doesn’t have to be people-related. A toxic relationship
appears anytime there is an unhealthy action…

Red Flags

These are a few identifying flags to help recognize an unhealthy
interaction with someone:
a) Extremely arrogant
b) Moves around/track record
c) Jealous
d) Bloodsucker

Spotting Toxic People

Toxic people come in all forms, shapes, sizes, races,
and genders . . . creating drama. Their toxicity
generates an infestation that takes over their life
and the lives of those around them.


RED FLAGS are the signs of danger.

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