Appreciate You!

Vanessa Fortenberry, you’re on it! I shouldn’t be surprised (thou) cause you know what it takes to maintain “self,” and all the endless work involved.
The chore of loving self is very powerful and demanding.

Hoping you enjoyed the fun time in expressing your color(s) for love and/or dislikes. Appreciate your feedback over at
Watch out world here she comes!


Vanessa Fortenberry, Author
With so much toxicity in our lives, it’s not a mystery that we, at time lose our self-love. How can we retrieve ourselves from ourselves and others? Read this book and you will find some of the answers to discovering your true self, less the baggage of toxicity.

Reasons I enjoyed this book:
Easy-to-read Inspirational

#Yourwereonit #Workitlikeitneverbeenworkedbefore #Dontdoyourselfaninjustice #Allownoonetotakeawayyourjoy

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