The Faces and Their Voices

Toxicity can come to us in its many disguises. We won’t recognize the face behind the mask until it is unveiled.
We see those faces on a massive scale that’s seemingly a never-ending relationship. These relationships are not limited to . . . drugs, diseases, stressors, work-environments, battlefields, bullies, abusers, the list goes on. Their grip loves to befriend us where we remain under its control. And its effects of their exposure can cause a deadly outcome.

We all have choices in life. The choice to remain controlled or become the controller of our own destiny. On a daily basis, these unhealthy relationships bring on lessons . . . lessons to be learned. When these lessons are exposed we need to take heed. Don’t ignore the flags that fly high as a kite.

Through the years, I’ve come in contact with many people (myself and family included) who were inflicted by its power and destruction. My discovery has been some of us will hear the voices to help make it out, while others will hear the voices there’s no way out.

Our storybook is even available in audible form. And you don’t have to flip the pages to embrace the journey.

Remember, life is about . . . living healthy, thinking healthy, and being healthy!

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