A Beautiful & Blessed Day

What a beautiful Thursday it was! Today, I met with the officials at Clayton Transitional Center (Forest Park, GA). My longtime desire has come to fruition. I’m taking my wellness program into the prison institution(s), effective next week.

This couldn’t have come at a greater period . . . when toxicity is so widespread. Allow me to give praise where do. Surely, it is the glory of Our Creator. HE has opened many doors (during this new chapter in my life), and I know there will be others.

Today has been a beautiful and blessed day. I look forward to my new mission. When you can teach one, you’ve reached one. Love is in the air!

Remember, life is about . . . living healthy, thinking healthy, and being healthy.

4 comments on “A Beautiful & Blessed Day

  1. Oh what a beautiful blessing from God Almighty! His wondrous works on display. I’m so proud of you for the persistent courage you exemplify and your faith to do exactly as God intended….to leave an indelible mark on the hearts of his people!!!!

    Can’t wait to see you…

    1. Tami Arrington . . .

      Yes, it is a blessing to hear from you. Thanks for stopping by to read my blog. The journey HE has me on now is to shine a light that brightens the path for others. This is a whole new chapter in my life. Hopefully, they too will feel touched by HIS gifts. And thanks for those kind words.

      May you continue to share the joy of HIS blessings! I look forward to seeing your literary creations inside the circle.

  2. I am a resident at the Clayton Transitional Center where Nina Norstrom introduced her wellness program today. I can honestly say that my perspective on life has been indeed enhanced by her presence. She is very articulate and passionate about the true purpose in life for all that desire a change for the better. I would definitely recommend checking her out.

    1. George Woods (Asitis Now) It was a pleasure meeting you at the center. Your words of wisdom brought encouragement to the group. Those lessons you’ve learned through your dark journey has strengthened you to build a new life. No doubt, you will achieve and acquire your desires. Do not let those unhealthy relationships cripple your circle their effects can be deadly . . . push them away. And keep on striving to reach your goals!

      Thanks for those kind remarks! And do let others know about this website.

      Sharing is caring and Caring is sharing!

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