Time to Say Thanks

Greetings, Everyone:

I’m extending a heartfelt gratitude to all who joined us at the wellness workshop. All is well with me . . . I’ve made it home safely! Again, thanks for attending the forum on Managing Toxicity (A Toxic Relationship Program), held at the Acorn Public Library (Oak Forest, IL), on Thursday, August 30th.

It was extremely pleasing to see that many beautiful people, who came to engage in this platform. Seems we had a full house! There was so much to learn about the tainted side of life, and the insight you gave was evidence of it all. Everyone, you were just amazing with the zeal you brought! Remember, toxicity is bigger than life itself. We cannot control it, but we can learn to recognize it. And take hold of how we manage it. Truly, I appreciated your presence, participation, and support. Congratulations, to those who won the giveaways. And may you enjoy it to the fullest.

To reiterate, my work has been released in an audible format. A workbook activity guide is scheduled for October 1st. Watch for the VDO Book showcase (i.e., a new platform coming to the literary circle)! This forum was only a part of what it takes to expose toxicity.

Not a Blueprint: It’s the Shoeprints That Matter

Feel free to visit my website and signup for my blog postings, while there do listen to the soft and soothing music installed. Again, look for the workbook coming soon!

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