Past Event at Dog River Public Library (June 30, 2018)

Library staff and attendees, please check your emails. There you’ll find the FULL contents of this message (see below):
Hello, Everyone:

I’m extending a heartfelt gratitude to the library staff and those who provided email addresses. I pray this message finds you in best of health! Again, thank you for attending the workshop “A Toxic Relationship Program, held at the Dog River Public Library (Douglasville, GA). It was a pleasure seeing old acquaintances and meeting new ones. There is a great deal we can learn about the tainted side of life, and the insight you gave was evidence of that. Everyone, you were just amazing with the zeal you brought to the program! Truly, I appreciated your presence, participation, and support. A special thank you, Melissa Dillow, for your energy and assistance . . . with set-up and breakdown. You’ll truly be missed for future events.

Congratulations, to Deb, who won the giveaway. Matter of fact, everyone was a winner . . . enjoy the gift cards. May you embrace life to the fullest. . . .

To reiterate, Not a Blueprint It’s the Shoe Prints that Matter, A Journey Through Toxic Relationships, is available in the audible format. A book trailer is on the horizon. Creation of the activity guide, Mirror, Mirror, on the Wall . . . Where Does My Self-Love Fall?, releases October 1st. As a reminder, pre-orders are available (at online retailers). For all the writers, it is my hope you continue your literary works. If there is anything I can do in assisting you with the journey, please reach out to let me know. . . .

Activity Guide:

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Nina Norstrom
Writer and Volunteer

A New Beginning / ‘Tis My Life . . . . My Journey

It’s all about . . . . Being Healthy, Thinking Healthy, and Living a Healthy-Free Lifestyle!

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