Certified Correctional Associate: Volunteer

On Saturday, 6/9/18, I took the volunteer training for the Department of Corrections (State of Georgia). The session was held in Tift, GA. With all I’ve gained from listening to Dr. A. Steven Turner, I must say that was an educational and enlightening event.

After they have done a background check and I’ve received my volunteer I.D., I’ll be a Certified Correctional Associate. It’s so exciting to take on a new adventure. I’m looking forward to engaging in “nurturing life skills and managing a health and wellness lifestyle.” I can even offer my caregiving experiences. What a celebratory moment for me!

Reaching out to the those who’ve battled and struggled with toxicity has been one of my goals . . . since I’ve started living a healthier lifestyle. See, anyone of us can make a change, and it doesn’t have to be short-termed.

#Lifechanges #Ahealthywayoflife #Justbewillingtochange

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