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A gratitude of “thanks” to each of you who allowed your comments to be published in my upcoming activity guide. Your words of wisdom can be found in Chapter V, “Young Adults Dating-N-Violence.” There is much one can gain from your insight!

Here’s a sneak preview:

. . . Living healthy is an essential part of one’s lifestyle. Teaching our youth to make healthy choices in their tender years is just as vital. Consider this a wake-up call: Parents and educators, we need to think about our young adults and strive to provide them with a healthier lifestyle.

Poor habits exhibited by adults can be seen as a normal way of life to youth and young adults. These unhealthy habits jeopardize growth and the ability to function in healthy relationships. We need to educate young adults by teaching them how to replace bad habits with good ones, starting with doing so in our own lives . . .

The interviews below of people all ages were conducted by the author to get their insight on violence in dating…

Lililiketheflower, the artist from Georgia
Coopie from Wisconsin
Swapna from Georgia
Beth from Georgia

(A heartful thank you goes to these contributors.
#Lililiketheflower #Coopie #Swapna #WilburandRubysFarmtable)

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