News Flash Two-N-One (Revised)

At it again, this author has other literary pieces. These creations widely expose the crippling effects of toxicity. We know them as unhealthy relationships.

In her two latest releases, you’ll discover . . .

Flash One / “Not a Blueprint It’s the Shoe Prints that Matters, A Journey Through Toxic Relationships” has an audible creation.

The Audio format is narrated by Sara Morsey, and available at online retailers.

(audible) =

These days anything dealing with toxicity people seems to embrace it (not all but most). So regardless of the relationship journey (hearing the voice of Sara) will grab their interest to know: it’s about (toxic) relationships, you’re not alone in your journey, and there’s an expectation its story leaves a level of comfort – knowing there’s light at the end. Through her voice, the story speaks of one’s family journey from the darkness to survival.
There’s no need to flip the pages of a storybook, pop in an audio tape. Sit back and listen to the remarkable voice of Sara Morsey as you travel the journey. There is a road of challenges facing a single parent while coping to build a stable environment. Embarking on an incredible path, Sara takes you through those shoe prints . . . a family who’s entangled in one unhealthy relationship after another.

Flash Two / “Mirror, Mirror, on the Wall . . . Where Does My Self-Love Fall? A Success Guide to Replace Toxicity with Love” an upcoming release for October 1, 2018, available for pre-order at online retailers.

(paperback) =

(kindle) =

Mirror, mirror, tell me NO lies:

“Are you really craving for self-love? G-r-e-a-t! You can satisfy that hunger pain. When you don’t love yourself, how can you expect another to love you?” And that’s no lie!
So, tastefully gratifying . . . Ah! That is the fulfillment you’ll savor once enriched with self-discoveries. We each seek to define our own self-love. How does “self-love” actually appear in YOUR life? Don’t let a mirror dictate your destiny. Come, take the journey and discover those self-dimensions. . . .

Remember, life is about . . . living healthy, thinking healthy, and being healthy

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