Update: Finished with #Dr. Editor

It’s done, we’re finished . . . yippee! Well, dr. editor and I had our last consultation on yesterday. That calls for a celebration . . . and a shout out to Y’all. I really liked the way she took care of baby and me. Most importantly, I admired her nurturing qualities.

Now, baby and I wait anxiously to meet our specialist (in the typesetting field). For my first visit, there will (probably) be plenty of vitamins prescribed . . . that I’ll have to take. Just to get through these last trimesters. Experiencing the breastfeeding and parenting classes, my body has really taken a toll. With baby inside, this belly seems to be getting bigger by the day.

Just think about it: That little bump (once a manuscript) is growing-in size-and gearing my body up for this pregnancy.

Fortunate for me, I’ve not had any morning sickness.Yes, I’ve had some cramping and indigestion, early-on (in the first trimester). And, some hormonal changes but that’s to be expected. Heck, I’m having a baby in the fall!

All-in-all, I’m blessed to have a very great OB (i.e., publisher). She’s done wonders with my prenatal care treatments. For sure, there are no complaints about the specialists she sends me to.

I’m in the early stages of the second trimester. Keep us (baby & I) in your prayers!

It’s okay to share our experience with others.

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