The Next Chapter . . . 2018

My Lord, we need you as we go through this next #journey in our life. You brought us into 2018. Please help us through all that awaits us . . . the mass killings, the break-ins, the haters, and the drama kings/queens, so much more.

Promise, I’ll stay prayerful and forgiving because it is your desire. And only you can keep us with shelter from the storm that blows in our path. Certainly, we are living in a world full of turmoil.

There are people dying sensely, they are killing our babies and doing so much ugly stuff. You gave us the babies to nurture and protect. There are days and times we can’t go it alone. And this is one of those times! OML, help to make our days brighter – “We are the World.” I send a call to USA America . . .

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