#Baby’s Progress

Great News . . .

Last night, had my second checkup with Dr. Editor. According to her (doctor editor), #baby and I are coming along great. The doctor was very satisfied with our progress report. She was exceptionally pleased that we’d arrived at the expected date. Truly, it wasn’t easy getting there timely (with all the holiday distractions) but we made it . . . contribute that to staying focus. I must say that I really like this doctor. She is amazing and so efficient. Well, we have one more checkup remaining with Dr. Editor. Then off to our next specialist, we’ll waddle.

Oh yeah, we did have an initial visit to the Book Cover Specialist. Our progress report on that still pending. After getting struck by that needle, I admired a bit of what was poked at us.

Heads up: This delivery will be a lot heavier than my last baby. Truly, ’tis the moment I’ve been waiting for so long. Although I’ve been advised, its expected delivery date isn’t until fall 2018. Baby’s arrival won’t come soon enough for me. Oh Lord, I can feel it (her) coming in the air at night! If you can feel it too, please share . . .

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