I’ve Been Busy, Huh?

Update: #Sunrise Senior Living (Buckhead) Community

If you recall, I was one of the guest speakers on August 24th, at the Sunrise Senior Living (Buckhead) Community. On tomorrow (September 7th), I will be returning to finalize our topic on “tainted relationships and its toxic side of life.”

Really, this was my first location where I had an opportunity to explore this subject matter (particularly with seniors). I must say that their participation expanded my knowledge and vision of how well-diverse they were. ‘Tis was another beautiful place to engage in conversation and be surrounded by a group of beautiful people.

Ain’t Our Maker amazing? HE takes you on journeys you’ll never imagine. And when getting there, you can say how blessed you are.

I thank HIM every day!

3 comments on “I’ve Been Busy, Huh?

  1. It’s amazing what you can learn, when you listen with an open mind.
    You Nina, are good at that!
    Also, it’s wonderful that you have shared your own experiences about toxic relationships. You might never know, how much your sharing has helped someone else. It did help me.
    So, My Friend, keep on sharing and doing what you are doing!

    1. Hello, Ms. Paula:

      It is a blessing to hear from you. Yes, truly, it is amazing! For sure, I’ve learned so much through my journey and knew I needed to share those experiences with others. I appreciate you reaching out to let me know how my story has helped others. As a result, you are a blessing to me and a treasure as a person to know. Paula, thank you for your kind words. May you (too) continue to be blessed!

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