It’s Real, Raw, And in Full Form

I speak to you from experience not from what someone told me. I must warn you that “toxicity is nothing to play with.”

Life is so full of stuff . . . the good, the bad, and the ugly. There is so much toxicity that has invaded our circle and crippled our environment. It all has become a part of reality. True, there are many of us who do not wish to recognize that #toxicity exists in this space we call life. To you, I say, “Take those blinders off and just look around at all the unhealthy activities that took so many lives . . . the past seconds, minutes, hours, days, months, and years.”

When we think of about the definition of such a harsh word (as toxic); perhaps then, we can see clearly the state of affairs that this world (our world) is in. Certainly, no one gives a better definition than Mr. Webster. He tells us it means: 1) “Something or someone that is tainted, damaging, or harmful to life in any form.” And 2) “An act or behavior that is unhealthy.”

Now, if you have a clearer definition than what Mr. Webster has provided, put out there. Just remember to be real with yourself when you spell it all out. Before, I (too) took those blinders off and went a toxic journey, my thoughts were in a non-existence state . . . like so many others out there.

Stay tuned, coming soon as: Audio format / Spanish version / Book trailer

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