With all the emails and messages I send out, hopefully, you know by now that . . .
I’ll N E V E R send you over an email which indicates that I need a FAVOR nor that something is of URGENCY to me. By the time I’d gotten that email reply (from you) I wouldn’t need that favor nor would that matter be of urgency . . . so you see, “that is out of character,” for me. (And do know too, I wouldn’t dare communicate to you in that way . . . no matter what it was.) If ever I’m in need of a favor or something of importance (Lord forbids), I’d personally pick up my cell telephone and give you a call. I’m just glad someone contacted me to alert of this issue.

I can only pray that . . .
Hopefully (one day), these #SCAMMERS will get a “real job.” And leave us hard working people a l o n e!
I’ve since taken care of the issue on my part . . . thanks for understanding and you to be careful on this social medium vehicle.
Truly, I’ve been asked the question, “Why don’t you have a picture of self on social media sites.” Perhaps, it’s because of crazies like these “#scammers,” who prey on hard working people. If they steal your contacts who knows what they will do with an image of “self.” So, I like it just the way it is . . . view me out as a “flower,” that has blossomed from whence I came.
Please spread in your circle for those who I may not have contacted as of yet. Thank you all and stay blessed!
*******And “Happy” upcoming #Father’s Day to all you Dads.

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