Something to Shout About!

God has done so much for me. He’s showered many beautiful things my way. Just to share a few . . .

#1) I just spend an entire month in Illinois promoting my book. I could not have done this without his blessings.

#2) I have such a wonderful publisher who is working effortlessly to have my storybook converted into Audio Version. And the voiceover (narrator) I’ve listened to in making this a reality was just as fantastic.

#3) The 2lst of this month, I will be heading to Tupelo, Mississippi attending a Book Club Event with “#Page Turners.” Thanks, to all those lovely members (who elected to read my book for the month of June). Yes, it will be my first event of this nature. And I’m sure very interesting.

#4) On the 24th of the month, I’m presenting at the library in Dallas, GA (on Ridge Road).

#5) He’s guided the process for creating the wording and tasks used inside my (upcoming) Activity Guide. Through His guidance, I managed to complete the material for submission to my publisher.

#6) And still there’s the Spanish version and Book Trailer, coming down the tube. Yes, there is just so many other great things He’s planning to send my way.

He’s done so much for me and will do the same for you. I must ask myself, “How could I’ve ever doubted Him?”

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