When Will Reality Set In?

What is happening to us inside this world (we call life)? Truly, things have gone so awry. We seem to showcase too much of the toxic side of life on this social media (we call #Facebook).
We discover that someone’s life is in danger and we do nothing about it . . . but hit the “like button” and then turn around and hit the “share button.” Or we may take someone’s image and restructure it to our own liking.

When in fact, we should realize that is a serious situation (i.e., a life in danger) and a call for a more serious measure. In retrospect, even the image factor can be a scary issue . . . .
Now, do we really wanna think everything is a “joke? Well, it is not and we need to wake up and be cognizant of what we are doing . . . as these things are happening around us.
I say to you all, “Take heed and be more aware . . .The life you save may be YOUR own!”

Surely, life can’t be that toxic . . . that we don’t know toxicity when we see it. Well, is it?

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