My Writing Journey . . .

So you have a question, huh? You’ve asked, “Why did I write?”

Here’s my answer . . .

To become housed living inside a world of #trauma was not only terrorizing but horrifying. Perhaps, that may be difficult for anyone to understand what it’s like . . . unless one has walked that journey. Every day, every single awakening day there was darkness, while never seeing an ounce of daylight. I could only go so long toting around buckets of toxicity full of depression, grief, guilt, anger, shame, hate, rage, pain, and many other raw emotions. While all the time, wavering never to do anything about coming from within those deep dark walls. That pain was just overly great and hurtful I wanted to scream in an octave range . . . to the top of my lungs.
And that became the start of my journaling. There is so much more to share, perhaps later!

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