“Not a Blueprint It’s the Shoe Prints, A Journey Through Toxic Relationships” A trailer coming soon!

Director, Crane Hanna releases the production of writer/author Nina Norstrom’s book trailer, Not a Blueprint . . . A trailer showcase packed with betrayal, deception, drama, guilt, lies, murder, and even a bit of romance. That’s the bridge this journey builds!

You don’t want to miss this action filled drama. Can you compare the melodrama scenes to what you’re experiencing in today’s society? Was she a loose cannon or just toxic like her dad? Check it out and examine for yourself!

Not a Blueprint explores the relationships that toxicity brings and its crippling effects. This story weaves lies with love, betrayal with deception, and drama with murder. As the shoeprints embark on a journey of unhealthy relationships, they will leave behind a blazing trail of lessons. Ultimately, its story speaks to finding the beauty of self-love . . . while exposing those many unhealthy relationships that life brings.

Don’t limit your mind to thinking relationships are only about people. When you think about it, they’re masked in an array of disguises . . . work environments, emotions, diseases, religion, drugs, and the list goes on. So, you think your life has been a mess? Your life will never be the same once you’ve dabbled in these relationships.

A first and fresh look of this creative production will be launched at the Sights and Sounds Museum (Next to Bath and Body Works), North DeKalb Mall, 2050 Lawrenceville Highway, Decatur, Georgia (30032), on Saturday, February 18, 2017, from 12 p.m. to 4 p.m.

“The reality of it all coming to light is so rewarding. Originally, it was the inside pages of my diary. And to have seen those actions played out in living color and took me back in time. It was not a healthy place to be then. But, now I can step back and give praise to our Maker for bringing me through that dark period in my journey” . . . said Norstrom when informed of its release.

Some of the mentionable cast members for this production included: Nina, 19-22 years old
Chocolate complexion. Short (5’4”-5’5”), keen, oval-shaped face, curvy with tiny physique, small chest size, thick black eyebrows, long lashes, small nose, thin lips, long black, curly and wavy hair. Wears hair parted down middle and pulled back into a braided ponytail with ribbon at the end. She’s one of the central characters – mother to baby China. Raised in a religious and environment and her faith was Baptist. As a naïve, vulnerable and audacious person, she has a free-spirit attitude and known to be a dreamer. Always on a mission looking for Mr. Right . . . someone who could be a dad to her baby.
China, newborn baby – 24 months
Chocolate complexioned. Weighed in at ten pounds, 15 ounces, a pudgy nose, and fine thin hair, short in height. Talked that baby goo-goo ga-ga. Another one of the central characters.
Craig, 25 – 30 years old
Chocolate complexion. Stands 5’10”, deep brown, beady eyes, short pudgy nose, stocky build, has NO eyebrows, smooth talker, sharp dresser, quick thinker, a definite lady’s man, an ex-military soldier. He is the Baby Daddy. Always walk with a good posture and stares a person dead in the eyes when they talk, blows perfect smoke rings that float in the air as he exhales his cigarette smoke. He’s sneaky, caddish, a cheater, and a chronic liar who lacks trust. He takes on a mistress. Showing his true colors, he even steps out on the mistress. When fathering a child out-of-wedlock, he doesn’t man up to take ownership or responsibility. He lacks integrity, has no morals or boundaries while committing his affairs.

Marcus Whiting, 25 –30 years old
Chocolate complexion. Stands 5’ 6”, Weight around 175 pounds, clean-shaven, and keeps his hair in a short fade. He’s first male companion for the central character. He’s a talented entertainer of an R&B group. He’d always come onstage wearing his black, gold and a red scarf wrapped around his head in a bandana style. Whenever he sings, he sways seductively. He has mood swings; as a Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde; and a believer of black magic. Marcus is a wicked, mean, and frightening person; his other side gentle and affectionate. And after the breakup, he retaliates by stalking or lurking in the wings.

Another Mistress . . . .

You don’t want to miss any viewing of the snippets from this trailer. So mark your calendar for a fun, filled day of excitement and entertainment! Be sure to bring a few friends for a few laughs . . . . Make sure you have your mask that toxicity will be spewing.

About (Author) Nina Norstrom
This author grew up in a small suburban town outside of Illinois. A graduate of Concordia University, she holds a degree in business administration. In addition to working in the private sector, she has a teaching background in the public school system. And is affiliated with and a member of various writers’ groups.
Norstrom is a passionate champion for many noteworthy causes, including those of toxic relationships. When not reading or writing, she can be found mountain climbing, taking long walks in a park or alongside a beach, sitting at an entertainer’s venue, supporting an author at a book event, traveling, and even jumping in to exert her energy by doing volunteer work at a variety of places.

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