This is the bubble I sent out today. And below that you’ll find the “Insight” to that bubble . . . from me to you:

Sunday’s Bubble:

Stepping back to reflect on a moment of epiphany.
Yes, I was young, vulnerable, and extremely naïve to
have indulged in such an illicit affair. And if there’s blame
to be shouldered, it’s shared between the two of us—me
for being vulnerable and naïve, and him for his dishonesty
and those broken vows. Most importantly, he was older and
should have known better. We’d committed a sinful act, not
only against ourselves, but against another as well.
Often, a person releases one guilt only to harbor another.
Ending our relationship would have been the righteous and
healthiest thing to have done, . . . .

The “Insight” . . .

Life is all about learning lessons. Every experience we take brings on a new lesson. Life has taught me so many new and rewarding lessons. And I humble myself to these new experiences. The journey I walk now is all about sharing that which I’ve learned. ’Cause when we can share with one another, it shows we care. Today’s environment is so full of toxicity. You may not want to recognize it for what it is. Just look around . . . . Do you see the reality in that which you’re viewing? It’s real and it’s #contagious!
I’ve walked that path of toxicity many, many years ago. Little did I know that you and all others inside this tainted and unhealthy world would experience a journey I once took. And when I walked, I thought I was all alone. But it was HIS footprints I saw in the sand.

I now pray for #peace and #harmony between our neighbors and neighboring nations!

Stay tuned . . . coming soon the book trailer and companion guide to my story. And when it does (Be a Hero), spread/share the message inside your circle.

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