Beautiful People

In spite of the “Haters in our World,” there are some #beautiful people among us. Here’s one touched my life . . .

Yesterday, being 1st of the month, went to make my groceries. Well, I always have a certain amount allotted for this task. Of course, there were some “Maybes,” in my cart. You know the kind (if I have enough maybe I’ll get these), and among the “maybes” was the ice cream. But when the bill had gotten to $89 (and I’ve not even gotten the maybes), back they would go to the shelves.

The beauty of it all . . .

A nice senior lady behind me told the clerk “Give her everything she’s putting back and put it on my bill.”

Then, I told the lady, “No, that’s okay, thanks anyway.” She then replied, “Don’t stop me from my blessing please accept it.”

It was then I realized she was so right “never block your blessings.” With the biggest love hug (one can give), I then told her that I appreciated her and thanks so very much . . . . .

What a blessing that experience was . . . the bill she paid came to $30. And I know she too will receive triple her blessings.

GOD is so good to us all. How can we not recognize the power of HIS love?

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