Part Two of “Our World is on Fire”

Have you’ve noticed lately, “Our World is on Fire?” And I’m not just speaking of the recent drought. Don’t you just smell the fumes burning from the #toxicants? If you can’t get a whiff of them, then can’t you just see what’s happening around us? If not, open up those nostrils then take those blinders off! ‘Cause day-by-by, lives are being snuffed out in groves.

This world is so full of toxic interactions. It has crippled our circle and invaded our environment . . . bringing pain to many families. We can’t even turn on the TV without discovering a life or lives have been taken senselessly. Then again, we can’t even pick up a Newspaper to read without discovering a life or lives have been taken senselessly. I don’t know about you. But, my heart bleeds with pain just to know we are living a life of hatred. Now, I must ask myself, “Was HIS dying in vain?”

Hatred has no place in our society. The evil-doers (they too) have no place in our society. Truly, we can’t rid ourselves of these toxicants single-handedly. That’s cause it’s bigger than life itself. And it’s gonna take a miracle. So, who are we to take another’s life . . . that which we have not created or brought into this world? I say to those of you, “If you want to take a life, go ahead take yours. But leave ours alone.”

My friends, my followers, STOP whatever you’re doing at this time! Will you just take a moment to close your eyes and make a wish for peace? Ask to bring that peace amongst our neighbors and surrounding nations. Now, as you slowly open your eyes, take a deep breath to inhale. Then as you exhale, hold on and continue to embrace that wish for peace. Surely, I personally thank you for that wish . . . it’s so well needed!

As I leave you, just know we all will take a journey. I’ve had my journey . . .

I’ve been down that tainted and dark road. When I lived in that world, it was not a beautiful place. It was dark and ugly, a road no one should travel. When you take that journey, there are no guarantees that one shall return. But HE brought me from the darkness into the light. So miracles do happen!

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