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Re: “Not a Blueprint It’s the Shoe Prints that Matter,”
“A Journey Through Toxic Relationships”

What have I been up to lately with my book? Well, I’m working on the Workbook #Activity Guide. That should be rolling out soon!

I’m confident, that someone we know (in our circle) felt the raft of unhealthy relationships, at one time or another. Hopefully, this guide will shed likes on its effects. Of course (in many places of this guide), you would need to have read the story to answer its question(s). Then again, are you willing to just skip over those particular questions? Seemingly, that’s a choice only you can make!

Oh well, I’ll try to make it a fun and interesting guide. One that can help others find their way along the journey. But remember, it is the “shoe prints” that determines the outcome!

In the meantime, grab hold of the link and see what my publisher is offering for viewing . . .


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