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Quotes:  There’s a price to be paid for every action

There’s no time frame for closure


Re:  “Not a Blueprint It’s the Shoe Prints that Matter,”  “A Journey Through Toxic Relationships”

It’s packed with betrayal, deception, drama, guilt, lies, murder, and even a bit of romance.  That’s the bridge this journey builds for its reader!

While revisiting precious and memorable moments, my writing style may seem to be bouncing around.  Some details should make sense while others may not. But as I unveil my journey, there’s no telling where the mind shall wonder.  Just hang in there with me and know: it has all been a therapeutic journey for coming full circle!

In flipping through these pages, its tale will be inspiring and enlightening.  There’s a measure of ingredients in both languages for men and women; young teens, and adults to the elderly.  this story exposes one’s family relationship with life and how they dealt with (embracing) their journey.  Having traveled that journey much has been gained by embracing the words of Oprah Winfrey.  Even though it’s not her exact quote, the substance is the same: “Your life service has  meaning – enabling to give back that what’s been given to you.”  In essence, whenever there’s a bestowal of divine gifts, pass them on.

Check out the story – click on the link!

Nina Norstrom


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