Come Walk With Me


Part Two of Three


To make it clear, this is not intended to be a blueprint for a disease. It’s the shoe prints that really count. They’re a symbol of life’s journey, representing each and every step taken. These events revealed took place in a small suburban town outside Chicago.

Travel with me as I take you high on a journey where the shoe prints pass through birth, sickness, death, sorrow, joy, pain, and forgiveness. But most importantly, this story is about relationships. Relationships are formed with people, but also with animals, diseases, drugs, alcohols, religions, battlefields, environments, and our own emotions. Life itself is a relationship. As we live and breathe, relationships are part of our daily lives, no matter who we are or where we come from.

As one of the main characters (Nina), gets pregnant during her first intimate encounter. That was not good, ’cause the baby’s daddy was already engaged in a relationship.  Even worse, he didn’t want to keep the baby. So there’s a load of challenges to face in the search for a stable environment. Embarking on an incredible journey she leaves behind shoe prints molded by a variety of toxic relationships. Many of those damaging and tainted relationships are short-lived and unhealthy in nature.

As her family becomes entangled in the diseased relationship, it will be a continuous struggle trying to maintain their hope of establishing a family unit . . .  while battling an affliction. So, for those of you who are impatient: the diseased relationship doesn’t get exposed until Chapter Ten. If you feel an urge to go straight there during your reading, just dive right in.  Hopefully,though, you’ll follow those shoe prints from beginning to end.


Stay tuned for Part Three!!!!

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