Relationships in the Raw

“Life is truly a journey, not a destination.”

You may have heard it before but I’ll tell it again. “There ain’t nothing nice about the toxic side of #relationships.” “I’ve been there . . . done that!”

Through the hardships we face, the struggles we must endure, and the challenges we all shall overcome, I must say that it has been one heck of a journey. Yet, the hardest part through it all was learning to F O R G I V E.

You know, life is so full of stuff: the good, the bad, and the ugly. It was so ugly for me I’d gotten stuck in both worlds and lived on both sides of life. Yet, I feel blessed that I wasn’t left over there (on that other side). My Father brought me from the darkness into the light . . . for that I’m truly grateful.

It took years for me to find the courage, strength,and willingness to share that side of my life with others. But I’ve learned many lessons through that journey.
I can hope exposing pieces of my life will help others . . . ’cause sharing is caring!

The recording you’ll hear was oh so real . . . and a real piece of the past. But, there is so much more inside the story.

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